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  • Episode 13

    MEET ANDRE HUESTON MACK Despite having a successful career with Citicorp Investment Services, Mack decided to leave his “desk job” to pursue his passion for wine. While working as a […]

  • Episode 12

    Neil A. Owens, CIC, Esq. Senior Vice President As a principal, Senior Vice President and team builder at E.B. Cohen, Neil manages the commercial practice group.  Neil develops long […]

  • Episode 11

    Steve DiGioia-With 20+ years of leadership in the hospitality industry and a lifetime of customer service experience,Steve uses storytelling to share real-world tips and tactics to help you provide the […]

  • Episode 10

    NAME Scott Livingston DISCIPLINE Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Specialist BACKGROUND Certified as an Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the late 80’s Scott worked for […]


    Beauty Industry, Hospitality with Tony Gordon In this episode we have a guest from different industry (Beauty Industry)so we can learn from their aspect.Tony Gordon from Gordon  Salons.Tony always says […]

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