• Episode 6

    Get Your Money Right With Michael Masood Our guest on today’s show is Michael Massood he is CPA(Certified Public Accountant) and Board Member at Colombia Bank.. If you want to learn […]

  • Episode 5

    Kitchen Management And Mentor-Josip Franc Josip Franc is amazing Chef and a Pastry Chef ,his journey started very early to learn more please listen to the podcast.You can find Joe […]

  • Episode 4

    Dedication,Love And Risk- Lori Iannone Who is Lori Iannone-she is restaurant tour and the risk taker. And when she takes the risk she puts her love and dedication and the rest […]

  • Episode 3

    Pastry Chef -Roadblocks to Success With Paige DeFelice. I want to introduce you to a hard-working woman who doesn’t want to give up because she belongs to the unstoppable tribe her […]

  • Episode 2

    Check my first episode with Chef Bobby Rold Novelli Restaurant 

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